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Are you ready to start off in evangelism? ENYU provides great resources to help prepare you to be an active evangelist for God’s kingdom.


As a way to challenge yourself, we encourage challenges to motivate and bring a commitment to witness to the lost. We are  commanded to ” Go  into all the world and proclaim the gospel to the whole creation” and we need to respond in obedience to the Word of God and be ambassadors for Christ.

prayer warriors

2 Timothy 2:1 “First of all, then, I urge that supplications, prayers, intercessions, and thanksgivings be made for all people.” Prayer oftentimes can be so underestimated, but the truth is that prayer is so powerful! Our nation and our world is in dire need of prayer. ENYU challenges people to sign up as a prayer warrior and become committed to “come before the throne of grace” and consistently pray for our world, its rising generation, and leaders.

Accountability partners

You may intend to evangelize… but is it actually followed through? ENYU can pair you up with a fellow member who is just as interested in sharing the gospel! Be accountable and follow through with your promise! Fulfill your calling and be obedient toward the God who has given you life by preaching the gospel to the world!


Want to communicate with likeminded youth who are just as interested in sharing the faith? Groups are set up for the purpose of motivating, encouraging, and challenging one another. This is not just another social platform to communicate with friends. Groups are created and centered around God and evangelizing. We strongly encourage you to join a group to further your journey in evangelizing.


ENYU provides wonderful resources to assist you in evangelism. We have everything you need for any occasion in your evangelizing conversations.

Summary – How to Evangelize: A method ENYU endorses and regularly uses.

Ask someone if they would call themself a “good” person. Normally, they say yes. Then, start listing off a few of the ten commandments, and ask the person if they broke them at any time. They obviously will say yes, if they answer truthfully. Then, tell them the bad news first: all sinners are condemned to eternal death and separation from God. After that sinks in, tell the good news. God sent His only son, Jesus, to die for our sin! Jesus was crucified on the cross and buried in a tomb. However, that’s not all. He rose from the dead in three days, proving that he was God’s son! Some time later, he ascended to heaven to take his place at God the Father’s right hand. All that we have to do is repent of our sins, ask God for forgiveness, and put our faith and trust in Jesus. Then, watch how God works through us! 

If the message is accepted, help the new believer get involved in the church. ( 1 Thessalonians 5:111 Peter 2:2) discipleship is essential to a “baby” christian.

If the message is not accepted instantly, don’t be discouraged! God works in mysterious ways. If you delivered the gospel message, you planted an eternal seed! God may have someone water that later on, and raise it to a full blossom.

Creative ways to share the gospel:

– Wear a shirt or other clothing with a Bible verse on it! Sometimes people will ask you what your shirt is about.

– Tracts are helpful. If you meet someone on the elevator and the opportunity arrives, hand them a tract, if you don’t have time to share the gospel yourself.

– Start a Bible study! If if you spread the word and there are snacks and games, people will often come. This is an excellent opportunity to spread the gospel!

– At your workplace, you may often be asked what you plan to do with your weekend. Tell your coworker about your plans of going to church and hosting a Bible study. This will likely spark interest, and prime the occasion for the gospel.

– Wear or possess something that will often spark conversations.

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