Q: How do you discredit evolution?
A: For something to be scientifically verifiable it, at its most basic form, must be measurable, observable, and repeatable. Give me observable evidence of Evolution, of one species changing into another species? If evolution were true, there would be evidence of the changes such as going from Ape to Human. Even leading scientists can’t give this proof. The probability of even the smallest of proteins coming together by random processes of chance is 1 in 10137. That’s ten followed by 137 zeros. Let’s illustrate the chance of that happening, if we wanted to flip a coin and get heads 100 times in a row, we would have to flip that coin 300 million times a second for over 1 quadrillion years. And remember, all of this is only for a very small protein that must come together in order to have life, we are not even talking about the probability of humans evolving. There is absolutely no chance that evolution is legitimate, it is only a fairy tale.
Q: What about theistic evolution? Couldn’t God have used evolution to create everything?
A: He could have, but Genesis 1 and 2 clearly tell us otherwise. If we dismiss these chapters, where does it end? We can then ignore and reinterpret any portion of Scripture that we don’t like. Besides, the Hebrew word yom, used for “day”, always means a literal 24-hour day when paired with a number, such as “the first day” or “the fifth day.” God created everything in six literal days, not billions of years.
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