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By: Jordan Tabor, age 12

Imagine you are out evangelizing and you meet someone who is set against Christianity because they believe that science doesn’t support Christianity. There are many people who refuse to become a Christian because of this and they might say, “I’m not a Christian because science disproves the existence of God.” They believe that if something cannot be proven with science, then it is false. 


  If everything has to be proven with science, then only a small percentage of things we do, think and believe would be considered true, according to scientific facts. Science can only prove things that happen repeatedly or are always true. The question “Do humans need water to survive?” is a great example of something that can be proven by science. A human can only survive about 3 days without water. This can be proven using the scientific method. 


  Things like historical events cannot be proven with science because they do not happen repeatedly. Nearly everyone (if not everyone) believes that, for example, Thomas Edison invented the lightbulb. People also believe that Julius Caesar was the king of the Roman Empire. However, these things cannot be proven with science. They can, however, be proven because of records written around that time and archeological evidence.


  The same is also true for the Bible. The events recorded in the Bible only happened once (with a few exceptions). So the events recorded in the Bible cannot be proven scientifically. They can, however, be proven with the same methods used to prove historical events. Archaeology, careful research, and written records are all ways to help prove that the events in the Bible are really true beyond reasonable doubt.


  So next time someone tells you that Christianity can’t be true because science doesn’t prove it, ask them if science proves historical events. Then explain how historical events can be proven, and how even though science doesn’t prove Christianity, Christ’s resurrection can still be proven beyond a reasonable doubt. And work on studying ways in which you will be able to defend your faith and be able to be able to “Make a defense of the gospel.“  (1 Peter 3:15) At ENYU, it is our hope and prayer that this will help you evangelize more effectively and spread the love of Christ to everyone! 


***Reading the book More than a Carpenter by Josh McDowell really helped me write this post. 


Thanks to Ellen and my mom who helped me edit =)



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